The Thin Red Line Shirt

Our shirts are stitched to the highest level of detail incorporating traditional features that are so often missing in many of today's 'quality' shirts. We only use 100% superfine cotton poplin and 100% linen. They are not only wonderful to wear, but will keep you looking smart right to the end of the day. 

A. The collar

Our shirts feature a semi-cutaway collar because we feel this shape frames the tie knot best whether its a Windsor, Half-Windsor or Pratt knot. Whichever knot you prefer, our collar will shirt-outline-button-cuff.pngmake the most of your tie. Our collars are hand turned using no fewer than eight different cuts of fabric skilfully stitched together to create this defining feature of a Thin Red Line shirt. The collar also works perfectly for when a tie gets just a little too stuffy!

B. Single piece raised placket

The placket is the raised piece of fabric down the front of the shirt which holds the button holes. Our traditional placket is constructed by making the front left panel an inch or so wider than the right. This extra inch is then folded over back onto the top of the front left panel and stitched down ensuring that checks and stripes align correctly. A quicker and cheaper way of making the front placket, of course, is to make it separately and then simply stitch it in place.You can tell if this is the case because you'll have a ridged seam at the back of the placket where the two pieces of fabric meet.

C. Lock-stitched buttons

How annoying it is when buttons fall off! Ours are lock-stitched in place, so unless you plan on doing some mountain climbing, you shouldn't have any trouble with them.

D. Double cuffs

Our cuffs have two cuff link positions and rounded cuff corners. To know the history behind the two cuff link position concept, visit Question:6 in our FAQ section. The advantage of the rounded corner is that, apart from the fact that we think it looks smarter, it doesn't fray that easily, so your shirt should last longer.

E. The convertible cuff

Having said that we believe the double cuff is the only way to finish a sleeve, we do understand that a double cuff is not practical if you're wearing a pullover. Enter, the Convertible Cuff!

All our men's shirts have a discrete button stitched to the inside of the cuff by the button hole.This allows you to turn your cuff into a button barrel cuff in a snap. Ideal for pullovers and for those occasions when you've gone away for the weekend but forgotten to take your cuff links with you!

F. The Yoke

This is the part of the shirt that rests across the shoulders. The yoke is a very important feature and often gets overlooked. It is the yoke that allows movement from the neck and shoulders without pulling the rest of the shirt along with it. A yoke should be cut on the bias and 'split', featuring a seam down the middle. If the shirt is striped, the stripes should meet in the centre forming a continuous line.

G. Yoke pleats

Another essential inclusion for a comfortable fit. Yoke pleats provide an extra inch of body to the back allowing the yoke to move freely without tugging on the back panel.

H. Side seams

Our side seams are twin needle stitched to provide strength. Particularly useful if you happen to go mountain climbing!

I. Self fabric side gussets

Side gussets are the little triangles of fabric at the base of the side seam that often get overlooked. These pieces of fabric add strength to the seam at the point where it gets pulled the most.

The Thin Red Line Trouser

Trousers are made to a semi-fitted shape. They will suit you and make you look smart whether you are on the slimmer or larger side.The pockets are rounded and anged so that they are comfortable to use and do not stick out. The trousers come with a navy blue Thin Red Line band on the inside to remind youthat you are wearing the finest trousers available. The buttons are cross-stirtched; so lost buttons are a rarity. The pocket lining is made from fine poplin. Our belt1 1/2" belt loops are wide enough for you to wear a broader belt if you wish to.

Thin Red Line Jeans

The fit of our jeans and trousers are similar to each other. Our jeans are offered in a host of unusual colours. The seams are double-needle stitched with a thread colour that is tonally different to the fabric colour.

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